Hacknosis: Optimizing Patient Experiences

2217 Registered Allowed team size: 1 - 4
2217 Registered Allowed team size: 1 - 4

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Aug 14, 2023, 04:00 PM ()
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Solution & Criteria

The Solution

Identify ways to leverage current and existing technology—using OpenText APIs—to improve the remote support of patients by doctors. Your solution should provide innovative but simple ways for doctors to send and receive information that enables them to properly diagnose patients remotely and begin treatment quickly.

At a minimum, your presentation should address the following:

• Identify which challenges from the fiv challenges list was your primary focus.

• Explain your solution and how it works.

• The code - Identify which OpenText APIs and Google API's or products you have included.

• The prototype

More advanced submission:

• Include a video explaining the solution (optional)

The Criteria

Solutions will be judged on the following criteria:

• User experience

• Data presentation

• Incorporation of at least two OpenText services

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